Theme: Human-Computer Interaction in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Sub Themes:

HCI-E 2024 will cover a wide array of topics, including but not limited to:

1.Core Insights and Frontiers in HCI

● Exploring the Foundations: HCI Theories and Methods
● Elevating User Experiences: UX and Usability Mastery
● Navigating the Data Deluge: Big Data Management Techniques
● Affective Computing
● The Connected World: IoT Innovations
● Advances in Eye-tracking
● New Media in the AI Era and Beyond

2.Inclusive Design and Universal Access
● Crafting Interfaces for Diverse Needs
● Crossing Borders: Globalization Meets Localization
● Tech as a Bridge: Assistive Technologies and Inclusivity

3.Enriching Human-Computer Education and Well-being
● Interactive Learning: Reimagining Education through HCI
● Game Design and Educational Communication
● Digital Classrooms: Cyberlearning and Beyond
● The Digital Doctor: Innovations in Remote Health Monitoring
● Mind and Machine: Neuroscience of HCI
● eHealth, digital healthcare studies, and usability of medical devices

4.Ethical and Sustainable HCI
● AI Ethics and Privacy: Addressing challenges in data protection and algorithmic bias
● Sustainability in HCI: Eco-friendly design and technology
● Trust and Security in AI Systems: Ensuring reliability and user trust in AI interactions

5.Emergent Interfaces and Digital Experiences
● The Power of Adaptive Interfaces
● Human-Centered AI and Explainability
● Digital Doppelgängers: The Era of Robots, Avatars, and Virtual Beings
● Immersive Worlds: Exploring VR, AR, MR, XR, and the Metaverse
● The Art of Visualization: Computer Graphics at the Cutting Edge
● Brain-Machine Interfaces Unveiled
● Touch and Feel: Haptics and Sensory Technologies
● Movement and Meaning: Gesture and Motion Tracking
● The Next Wave in Computing

Additional Suggestions:
● User Experience, Usability Testing, and Interaction Design
● Mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive computing
● User-centered design tools and methods
● Human-data interaction and interactive machine learning
● Interaction and design for accessibility
● Human-Robot Interaction
● Visual analytics, information presentation, and visualization
● Game usability and gamer experience
● Usability and design of eLearning, educational tools, and platforms
● Assistive technology
● Interaction in education
● Child-Computer Interaction
● Metaverse for tourism
● Interaction Technologies and Applications
● Virtual and augmented reality
● Interacting with self-driving vehicles and smart transport systems
● Interaction with the Internet of Things
● Interfaces for sound, audio, and music
● Eye tracking and psycho-physiological studies
● Computer-supported cooperative work
● Human-robot interaction
● Wearable technologies
● Interface and interaction design for games/gaming
● Security, Trust, Ethics, and AI
● Applications and issues in interacting with AI interaction
● Cyberpsychology and web science
● Cybersecurity and usable security
● Design for inclusivity
● Ethical issues in computing and interactive technologies
● Human/use error and reliability of interactive systems
● Technology adoption, trust, user engagement and retention
● Natural, Social, and Personalized Interaction
● HCI and Aging
● Conversational and natural language user interfaces and chatbots
● Creative interaction and collaborative creativity
● Humanization of interactive technology